Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Guest Post - Rachael of Racho's Nail Love

Today I have a guest post from a fellow UK Blogger who I am particularly fond of, she's had a small break recently but recently posted again about her lovely new lacquer collection, it's Rachael of Racho's Nail Love who is also 50% of the brains behind R&R Lacquer!

Hello lovely readers of Emma's Little Corner! I'm Rachael from Racho's Nail Love and I'm here for a guest post - thanks Emma for letting me do that! I've had a month or so out on a break, so this is a great opportunity for me to get back into the swing of things.

I just wanted to show you something quick today, so I thought I would show you my current 'go-to' nail art - distressed nails. I saw these over at Chalkboard Nails ages ago, and decided to try them and fell in love. Anything that is easy and looks good gets five stars from me and you seriously just can't fail at these!

I've stuck mainly to black in the past, but today I thought I would have a go at using a different colour, so I went for blue and white.

Here's my finished distressed base:

Monday, 21 April 2014

Magpie Monday Update and Kitty Spam

Just a brief update that I'm temporarily retired Magpie Mondays, but it doesn't mean that I don't love Sally Magpies just as much any more!  Only that as I'm on a no buy I just don't want the temptation!

Today I have some kitty spam of my own Grumpy looking cat.  For newer readers....  When we moved into our home the previous owner had a catflap in the door, so we locked it and thought nothing more of it as we had no pets of own. Then one December morning, I went to the loo and saw a flash of movement on the landing, screamed and on investigation we found him sitting under the Christmas tree.  He is a Siamese who broke into our house 18months ago and stole our hearts.  He had moved in next door with our neighbour but seemed determined to stay with us, breaking in several more times.  

For these I dropped the DSLR to his height, turned it to auto without flash and just kept pressing the shutter.  The second one was as he decided to investigate.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Some crappy Easter Bunny nail art....

Thanks to the lovely guest bloggers so far this week, I have two more to come next week, but for today, well the clue is in the title... crappy Easter Bunnys!

My friend Carol tagged me in a post on Facebook with a tutorial, "simple" I thought, easy broken down step by step guide.  Wrong.....

Here is the tutorial, as you can see the post doesn't have any watermarks.  It came from Days Out with Kids page.