Saturday, 13 September 2014

Then and Now post - Vintage Roses


Today is a loose then and now post, I have done these loosely to tie in with an older mani (see last photo!)

I have to apologise for the odd colouring of these photos, I had played with the camera after the pink looked odd in the photos for my Rica Glossy Glam review and then didn't notice the pictures seemed differently coloured.  Camera should be sorted now, I have set it to take photos in RAW mode so I can adjust the photos afterwards. I used to use RAW when I first got the camera, a year ago but haven't used RAW for some time.  It is the way forwards though!!


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Rica Glossy Glam review

Today's post is another update on my holy grail top coat hunt.  Today I have a review of Rica Glossy Glam and a wear test from the bank holiday weekend in August.  I have been wanting Glossy Glam for ages, but there were only a few stores stocking it which sold internationally and they were out of order each time I checked.  One night I randomly checked the Rica Etsy store and saw that international shipping was now available and Glossy Glam was in stock!  Firstly I will show my how I wore it photos.  


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

British Nail Bloggers Colour Me Crazy - Pastels

Today's nails are something I idea had been toying with for a while, pastel sponging with white stamping and a glitter sandwich.